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Aquarium Maintenance

Normal Maintenance:

  • Scrub and Remove Algae
  • Vacuum Substrate
  • 30% Water Change
  • Remove / Replace Filter Media
  • Test Water Quality
  • Clean Protein Skimmer
  • Visually Inspect Pumps, Power Heads, Heaters, and Plumbing
  • Clean Glass or Acrylic Surfaces
  • Clean Covers or Glass Tops

Also Available:

  • Tank Setup
  • Tank Moves
  • Vacation Feeding
  • Remove / Replace Bulbs
  • Fish and Coral Disease Treatment

We also provide Service, Maintenance and Setup. 

For additional servicing information, such as pricing and scheduling, contact Robert at our store (248) 673-2520.

Above is a list of items normally performed for each service call:
(Every customer gets individual attention!!!)